Everyone can Code now

EBot Blockly

Coding is as simple as stacking building bricks!


EBot features

How EBot can help you to code ?

EBot Blockly is a graphical programming software based on Google Blockly, used to program EBots.

Users can drag and drop nodes to the workspace, modify its parameters and autogenerate required code. Nodes include input devices, output devices, code flow control elements like delay, logical statements like if and much more.

Text code is automatically generated, and you can manually modify this code if you need. All useful features like Debugging sensors, Serial monitor, Node Maker, and Live control are embedded inside the software.

Users can also play video and music, open any files like images or spreadsheets by using multimedia nodes.

Drag and drop blocks

EBot Blockly includes 75+ well designed and categorised ready to use interlocking blocks. Each block can generate syntactically correct code. Each and every change that we make in the blocks will be reflected in the generated code in real-time.

Blocks are arranged into different categories such as inputs, outputs, flow, logic, etc.. for easy access.

Node Maker

Node maker wizard helps you to make and share your own custom nodes. For example you can make custom blocks for a flex sensor or a graphical LCD.

Export and import options in node maker can help you to share your nodes with someone else or to reuse the nodes build by others.

  1. Step 1Give a name for your block and include the library files if any add a thumbnail image
  2. Step 2Select the type of block Add required parameters Write before the loop, inside setup and inside loop codes.
  3. Step 3Review your block. Thats is. You are done. You can find your nodes under myNodes category.

Live Control

You can use UI controls in Live control panel to control devices like servo, RGB led buzzer etc.. in real-time. States of each device can be saved and can loop through these saved states.

Data Lab

DataLab graphically visualise real-time sensor values to a graph or a gauge. Any sensor can be connected to eBot input pins. Datalab will plot the reading based on the number of samples and sampling frequency we set.

Data can be exported as an excel file as well.

Keyboard & Mouse nodes

Extend your project’s capability by using a keyboard and mouse in your PC to control EBot. You can trigger any EBot functions from a keyboard or mouse. Keyboard and mouse can also be simulated by using EBot hardware.

For example, you can turn all RGB LEDs on EBot board to red by pressing ‘R’ in the keyboard or can type ‘hello’ in your word document if the color sensor on EBot detects a red color.

FreeRTOS & Multitasking

EBot blockly supports FreeRTOS by default. You can simply enable this feature by clicking enable button in ‘Multitasking category’. A number of tasks can be easily made by using ‘New Task’ block. Priority for each task can also be defined.

Multimedia nodes

You can integrate images, videos, audios and any files in your PC or mobile phone with EBot Blockly. For example, you can play a video if the EBot color sensor detect a red color.

Blockly Games

We have included few blockly based games to make the learnig process more interesting.

Connection Diagram

A simplified connection diagram will be automatically generated for your blockly code, and this will be helpful for you to complete the connections without any hazle.

Multi- language support

EBot Blockly can now support both English and Arabic languages. More languages will be available soon